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'Plowterin' is Scots/Irish for 'just wandering along slowly and mindfullly'
The 'Talking Stanes' on the Falkland Estate, Fife, Scotland.

Some recent work
Acts of Resilience
‘What do you want a poet for?
To save the city, of course’ Aristophanes

This project began as a response to questioning whether much of the discourse about the ‘Troubles’  – the conflict in the North of Ireland – was being dominated by the memoirs of politicians and by the work of creative artists attracted by stories of major traumatic experiences, like the Hunger Strike and the Omagh bombing. Gerri was interested in smaller stories, in the everyday stories of how people had survived, found hope, explored ways to move forward.
She stumbled upon resilience theory, which is based on the principle that all people have the ability to overcome adversity and to succeed despite it. It is a strengths and assets based model; it looks at how people support themselves and each other and at the opportunities open to them to do so, rather than trying only to eliminate those elements which cause failure.  

This was the starting point for ‘Acts of Resilience’, but it soon developed an emergent life of its own. It involved running workshops in story-telling and writing with adults in a series of workshops for adults in Woodstock Library in East Belfast and Ormeau Library in South Belfast and for young people from all over the city, with the support of a small voluntary Steering Group and project partners, LibrariesNI and Opportunity Youth. New poems, inspired by the contributions of workshop participants, were commissioned from Moyra Donaldson and Damian Gorman and a DVD commissioned from Richard Summerville from Pixelbrix.

The DVD, which reflects the overall creative process and explores the idea of resilience in many different kinds of moments of crisis, includes the commissioned poems and excerpts of workshop participants’ writing. A small number of copies of the DVD are available for groups or individuals wishing to develop their own work on resilience.


Acts of Resilience Poster

 The Preston Passion

Gerri also worked as Participation Co-ordinator for The Preston Passion, a special live broadcast for Good Friday 2012 and a unique collaboration between the BBC and the Preston Guild. The programme was a contemporary and dramatic re-telling of the Passion story, featuring an exciting combination of live performance, music and innovative pre-filmed drama and was broadcast live on BBC One from Preston Bus Station (see clip ‘Behind the scenes at Preston Passion’ at  She enjoyed collaborating with writers Colin Heber-Percy and Lyall Watson, with the amazing Preston Guild Festival team, with the volunteers who supported her work and with all the Preston residents who contributed their stories and took part in the final production.

The Passion

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