Gerri Moriarty

The Art of Conversation

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Some Recent Work
Insight Café: Glasgow Museums.
As part of its Our Museum programme, Glasgow Museums has been experimenting with a number of ways to give staff, community partners and other colleagues the time and space for discussion and meaningful conversation. One of these is the Insight Café, an informal participatory session in work time, facilitated by a guest speaker and encouraging all those attending to discuss experiences and ideas. Gerri was asked to launch the series, reflecting on her experience as a community artist and arts consultant engaged in organisational change.

She chose 4 themes and illustrated them with examples from her own practice, inviting conversation around how the themes resonated or related to others. The themes were: Passion (the fuel when the going gets tough), Travelling in an Unknown Country ( the importance of the expertise and good faith of others), Chaos (the value of sticking with it when things appear impossible) and Everyday Maintenance, from the simple to the complex. Some of the main points of her contribution were brilliantly captured by Heather Robinson artist, GM staff ambassador and technology curator.


innovator, artist, trainer, consultant and storyteller