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Our Museum

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Gerri Moriarty
 Some Recent Work
Gerri is working with colleagues Sally Medlyn and Helen Corkery on an evaluation of ‘Our Museum’, a Special Initiative by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation This 3 year programme aims to facilitate a process of development and organisational change within museums and galleries that are committed to active partnership with their communities, with the ambition of affecting the museum sector more widely.
This initiative is not about short-term project funding, but about facilitating organisational change so that participatory work in the sector becomes core, embedded, sustainable and less at risk of being marginalised when specific funding streams run out. Their evaluation framework for the programme can be accessed at
A central element of the Our Museum programme is an annual peer review, which aims to be a collaborative, reflective, learning process through which institutions and communities share their experiences and learn from each other. The first peer review took place this year in Cardiff and John McGrath (Artistic Director, National Museum of Wales’ gave a keynote speech. Jennifer Williams, visual artist, who is supporting the work of the evaluation team, captured some of the key points in this sketch.

Drawing: John McGrath

innovator, artist, trainer, consultant and storyteller