Gerri Moriarty


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Picture Left:'Stravaigin' is Scots / Irish for 'wandering aimlessly'
The 'Talking Stanes' on the Falkland Estate, Fife, Scotland.
Gerri working with Creative Partnerships. London North.

Gerri regularly runs training sessions for cultural organisations and creative practitioners.
Tania Mahmoud comments on her experience of a session on evaluation, in her blog
‘I just completed a two-part evaluation workshop led by Gerri Moriarty on evaluation. It was really useful as not only did Gerri outline the essentials of evaluation, documentation and monitoring, but she also – dare I say it – makes those areas fun!'

One issue I raised was that not all of my data was quantitative – how do we evaluate non-falsifiable data? That is when we were introduced to ‘Triangulation’. The concept is simple: verify by gaining 3 perspectives including the facilitator’s perspective, the group leader’s and the participants’. If all three points of views correlate then our opinions hold weight.

Months later, Tania was blogging ‘ It has been a while since my really exciting training session with Gerri Moriarty which looked at Monitoring, Documenting and Evaluating work and well, I have to be honest… I was dreading it a little! It was only when I forced myself to sit down and write for a full day  - on the sofa, in my pyjamas with plenty of snacks to keep me going – that the realisation kicked in: I quite like doing evaluative reports!’
Gerri also leads more practical kinds of training, as the picture below illustrates!

Gerri and first timer's drama group. Delhi

innovator, artist, trainer, consultant and storyteller