Gerri Moriarty

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All Photos on Left: Gerri Moriarty
Dry-stone wall sculpture 'SPEIRIN' -  Scots/Irish for 'asking'
'Talking Stanes' on the Falkland Estate, Fife, Scotland.
Gerri Moriarty

Releasing potential : creativity and change


Gerri Moriarty works as a community artist and arts consultant in the UK, Ireland and internationally. 

She devises, writes and directs community theatre and performance.

She assists local authorities, cultural and voluntary organisations in developing and implementing cultural policies and plans.

She trains artists and those who want to introduce arts into their neighbourhoods, communities or professional practice.

She writes, researches and evaluates her own work and those of others

She enjoys working collaboratively, across art forms and across disciplines


She is a storyteller ……


‘The future isn’t something hidden in the corner. The future is something we build in the present’   Paolo Freire

innovator, artist, trainer, consultant and storyteller